Poetry “Are we able to love…?”

Gray old man roamed over the world,
Walk by the road alone,
Considered insistently all life,
That open the truth to all…

And herting, injured the passers – by, at all times,
And the soul hit, by sharp word,
And own humanity, on the road,
This old man, lost every day…

The colourfulness dull, progressively,
The road covered turn grey,
Because in his heart haven’t left
Not a drop of sincerity and warms…

Offences, malice in heart forget,
Closed the light from soul,
This gray old man walked lonely,
Lovely days passing…

Think for a minute,
Are we able to love ?
Lets making up in ourself a human being ?
Or Stamping the road to the darkness ?

Поезія “Чи вміємо любити ми..?”
Author Galyna Brytan, Lviv, Ukraine

Translated to English from Ukrainian by Ivan Kovalenko, Wellington, New Zealand

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