Poetry “In his music everything…”

Old Violiner played with inspiration,
Catchy tune penetrating air…
Lead bow confidently, mastery.
Fairy-tale fantastic sound, take in town…

And snow droping walkway uncommonly,
It dance in beat time with violiner,
Inviting in enchanting travelling,
In Musical Fairy-tale created by master…

And eyes passers by smiling,
And Sincerity with aroma of good,
In hearts and souls strongly united,
Light up the road from dark…

Old Violiner played with inspiration,
And close by were happiness and good…
You will say ‘That quite incomprehensible’
But no, that in his music…

Поезія “Усе у музиці його…”
Author Galyna Brytan, Lviv, Ukraine

Translated to English from Ukrainian by Ivan Kovalenko, Wellington, New Zealand

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