Poetry “There Some People – Angels…”

There some people – angels,
Even do not have wings possibly,
Behind their spring footprint,
The good is walking throughout the world…

In their eyes so sunny,
They got painfully often,
Piersed by weekday dull rains…

Their hearts are open to everyone,
That is make them vulnerable,
In this troubled world.

Them to walk in a crowd hard…
But they keep going, to beam,
That inlighting the way to us.

Huging hearts with love,
Drive away everyday fear…
I know, i saw angels,
That beaming with no decorations whatever…

They are not always, on the clouds,
They walking and here among us…
Athor: Galyna Brytan, Lviv, Ukraine.
Translated to English by : Ivan Kovalenko, Wellington, New Zealand.

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