Poetry “Please, Don’t need those gifts, but that celebration only”

Little girl written the letter to Santa Claus,
Wrote all those letters deligantely,
Stopping for a minet and pondering, own thoughts,
And her little hand runs over paper again…

I will not ask much Santa Clous,
I was meek, obedient, diligent.
Just a smile for my mummy, I will ask off you.
She didn’t smile long…

When our Dad went to the war,
Then mamma eats very little, cannot sleep,
I so frightened for her, Santa Clous.
I thought gray, could get granny only…

And did pat mummy’s hair.
She got the plaits thickest in the world,
And I wanted to do her tails,
There her hairs were comletely gray…

I beg off you beloved Santa Clous
That Dad will get back home soon,
He didn’t call long, for some reason,
Perhaps his phone was lost…

And when Daddy will get back home,
Then and we will get the best in the world Celebration,
And Daddy will give me a hug to the heart.
Mummy will lough sonorously again.

I will pray, and beg to you –
Please ! Don’t need those gifts, but that Celebration only…

Поезія “Не треба подарунків, лиш це СВЯТО…”
Author Galyna Brytan, Lviv, Ukraine

Translated to English from Ukrainian by Ivan Kovalenko, Wellington, New Zealand

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